We hand deliver in Central Massachusetts and for large
Corporate orders we hand deliver to Boston, MA  and
Providence, RI.  Call for a quote.  Hand delivery in Oxford is
free.  Standard delivery is $10 to the following towns: Auburn,
Charlton, Douglas, Dudley, Southbridge, Sutton, Webster.  A
$12 hand delivery fee applies to Worcester, Grafton, Millbury,
Northbridge,  Putnam, Shrewsbury, Sturbridge, Thompson.  
$15 hand delivery applies to:  West Boylston, Holden,
Northborough, Paxton, Westborough, Uxbridge.  For other
towns in Central MA, Northern CT and Northern RI, call for a
quote.  Remember that we also ship to all of these towns, and
frequently for less money.  UPS has 1 day service in New
Shipping & Delivery
Hand Delivery
We ship locally and nationwide.  Our preferred carriers are UPS
and USPS.  We will use other carriers if requested.  UPS offers
guaranteed 1 day service within New England and the postal
service offers 2-3 day service, (not guaranteed), in most areas of
the US, by Priority mail.  If you allow adequate time these two
carriers are dependable and reasonable.  Remember to allow 4-5
days for ground service to the west coast.  

During the holidays, UPS will not guarantee delivery after a certain
time, so best to have all shipments out by December 15th.  

We do not recommend shipping to hospitals, hotels or colleges,
due to the transient nature of stays at those establishments and
also possibility of theft before the gift reaches the intended party.
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